What can we do?

Business Software

We help you automate your existing business. Together with you, we map out your core processes. After all, it is not a good idea to just want to automate everything. We look in depth and analyze the flow to decide what is necessary to be automated and what is only nice to have.

All this can take the form of an intranet, an online tool, a platform for your customers, a mobile app and much more in the cloud on a virtual or dedicated server.


You want an online tool for your target audience. SaaS or “software as a service” is software that is offered online, so that your customer doesn’t have to purchase a package to install on his own systems. This allows you to keep it up to date for all your customers continuously.

We support you in building your system with registrations, profiles, payment systems, SEO-compliant, servers, database management,… We think along, help you build & maintain your tool. These projects can in many cases be managed with a large offshore team so that the costs can remain low.

Big Data

You have large quantities of unstructured data or you’d like to gather data from the internet however, you have no idea how to start on this.

We can help you with this. We create company-specific scrapers/crawlers that retrieve the data from the internet for you, but you can also find structured data via an API. We can also advise you on which database structure is best and whether you should use an SQL or a no-SQL database, such as MongoDB.

In addition, we can also help you with structuring the existing data. We then build a tool, for example, that holds the right labels for your unstructured data (texts). This allows you to find what you are looking for much faster via the right search engine, eg ElasticSearch.

Machine learning & Ai

You may have recently heard or read in the media of intelligent systems, neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, robotics or artificial intelligence. You have plans and want to investigate whether you can also use artificial intelligence for this and how you should build it.

We look at your situation together with you and advise you on the best route to follow. Is AI the solution for your needs? Where do you start best? Machine learning is certainly not the solution for all problems. It is therefore important for us to get an idea of your objective so we can provide the right advice.

Where is AI successfully used today? Classifying users/customers according to certain dates, banks can now better assess whether a customer is creditworthy. Social media platforms or Google use AI to display the right advertisements and information to users based on surfing and click behavior. Email spam filters use machine learning to pass the good emails and ban the bad ones.

The possibilities are endless and the technology comes within reach of everyone. So do not hesitate to contact us today for advice on the possibilities for your business. In our network, we have AI experts in both at home and abroad.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes a lot of things such as SEO, content writing, social media management, advertising, and user analysis.

A solid SEO strategy is just about the basis for getting more traffic on your website. This starts with on-page SEO. First, we analyze whether the technical side of your website is optimized. Have you used the right Meta-Tags? Are there alt tags attached to images? Do you use canonicals? Are there sufficient H1’s and H2’s on the pages? Is the page written correctly? Do you use the right words in your titles, description or keywords? Do you have the correct internal linking structure or do you have enough outbound links? Is your website mobile friendly? Are you using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)? Has the speed (Google PageSpeed Insights) been optimized? We can put together a team that can both advise and implement this strategy.

On-page SEO also relates to the content that is found on your website. Which pages do you have and which texts are there? Do you have a Blog and how many articles are published per week? Which topics do you blog about? Do you also have guest bloggers? Would you like a video on your website? We can put together a complete offshore team that continuously writes Blogs for you.

With off-page SEO, It’s very important that you get quality backlinks. You can do this yourself by working through your social media campaigns, by allowing influencers to write about you or by guest blogging on other sites.

We can also help you with online advertisement campaigns. We make, post, and analyze them for you. Do you already use the Facebook or LinkedIn pixel to show your ads on these platforms to the right target audience? Are your Google AdWords optimized? Do you really know who your users are? Where do the users who ultimately register come from? And what is the typical profile? Which way did they follow before registering or buying?

We can help you set up your Google Analytics. But also more specific event-based analytic tools such as Mixpanel. Do you already use A / B tests to test new ideas? Do you use online surveys to get qualitative feedback?

Let us help you define and answer these questions.

Mobile Apps

Do you want to create a  smartphone or tablet app for your customers? We develop your app for both Android and iOs completely from scratch or based on your existing systems. We support you in the complete development, publication, and maintenance. Our offshore developers can help you quick and cost-effective.


Do you develop software yourself and need a team of testers? You can use testers for UX (user experience), bug detection, smoke testing, acceptance testing, … We will put together an offshore team that performs all these tests for you within the agreed time limits.

We test for you whether the software meets the requirements according to the specifications. But we also check, for example, whether logic works as planned. The team can also check if your software works fast enough and analyzes the bottlenecks.

Data Entry

Do you have large amounts of data that needs to be transferred to a new system? Is manual input still required in your process? We propose you an offshore team, large or small, that fully takes over your data entry process. It is possible to work with a price per month/resource as well as opt for a flexible cost model where you pay per data entered.

Which tasks can be covered? The retyping of existing documents, structure existing texts by labeling them correctly, enter files into a database, clean your data typing all your existing business cards into a CRM system or check whether data has been correctly entered.


You are thinking of a certain logic that you would like to use in automation, but you have no idea how to put that into a computer algorithm.

Together with you, we will write out the logic of the algorithm (mathematically) and then see how we can program this. For the analysis and the (mathematical) elaboration, we work mainly with local experts. Programming can also take place abroad, depending on the difficulty.


We like to make time for startups. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project and then see further from there. Click here for more information.

Database Management

Is it sufficient to implement an SQL database or do you have such a mass of data that we better go for a no-SQL database like MongoDB? Together with you, we design the architecture and help to integrate it.

We also support you with the management of your servers. Do you need multiple servers for your application? Do you want a dedicated server or is a virtual server more suitable? Do you want to build a fast scalable system with AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud or Azure? Or do you rather need GPU servers with sufficient computing power for your machine learning?


Before we list the technologies we can work with, it is important to mention that we always work together with you to see whether it is more interesting to develop your software completely from scratch or to link existing software systems to each other via APIs.

We have experience with Content management systems, such as WordPress, Mambo or Drupal. We can set up and manage Google analytics for you. More advanced analysis tools such as Heap or Mixpanel have no secrets for us.

We can program for you in different languages such as Java, C, .Net, Angular, Wift, HTML, PHP, C #, C, JavaScript, C ++, Python, Scala, TypeScript, Ruby, Apache Groovy,… We also have expertise in traditional SQL databases or the more modern no-SQL such as MongoDB or CouchDB.

We’ve also gained experience in implementations of search engines such as Elastic search, Solr, Lucene and others. Or the use of existing search platforms such as Algolia.

Of course, we also have knowledge and expertise with servers and of course also with cloud systems such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. We have already built Machine Learning systems ourselves and have experience with Neural (deep) learning networks or feedback-loop algorithms.

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