BrightOwl continues to grow rapidly to become the online center for jobs and recruitment in the Life Science sector. Experts in Life Science and related industries can find a centralized hub of jobs from more than 800 companies worldwide. They can register and go directly to the jobs. Companies can search through the blinded profiles of the registered experts and invite people directly to a position within their company. Both the front-end and the underlying processes are fully autonomous.

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Technological Achievements

Automatic web scrapers, large databases, intelligent algorithms, original contact-invite system, fuzzy and elastic search are all examples of technical achievements that BrightOwl is already using today.


BrightOwl uses multiple, fast servers to ensure that underlying processes cannot compromise the general speed of the website.

Thanks to the latest web standards and SEO techniques, BrightOwl appears at the top of the searches in the most popular search engines.


Uniquely created smart-advertising opportunities and expanding the current machine-learning processes.

We will introduce new revenue models and update the project to the latest new technologies such as PHP7, Angular and Vue.

Technological Achievements

Full automatic web scrapers retrieve jobs from more than 800 companies and put them in a database. On BrightOwl, that database can be searched through the use of keywords, locations, and other filters. The most modern systems have been used. For example, Approximate String Matching (fuzzy search)elastic-search, and a profile-matching system that represents the best jobs based on the profile and user behavior of the experts. This works entirely thanks to machine learning.

The companies that are registered on BrightOwl, can search through a database that contains blinded profiles of all registered experts. If they encounter an interesting profile, they can invite them via the system. An email and SMS are sent to the candidate, who can then accept or reject it by means of 1 click. Only when it is accepted will the company gain access to the complete profile including the contact details.


A modern system that uses the best techniques is only relevant if it also works properly. That is why BrightOwl runs on multiple, fast servers that are fully future-proof and can be expanded easily in the future. The heaviest processes running in the background are separated from the general website to guarantee the ease of use and the highest speed.

By using the best internet standards (such as SEO techniques), we ensure that BrightOwl is seen by Google and other search engines as a valuable website that provides added value for the visitors. As a result, BrightOwl ranks high in searches and we are able to continue to grow the platform in an organic way.


There are some further developments on the horizon for BrightOwl, such as integrated smart-advertising capabilities and the further development of machine learning algorithms that will make the user experience even better.

We will introduce new earning models, develop a web spider that scans the web and automatically finds new websites to retrieve vacancies. We will also update the current system to the latest new techniques such as PHP7, Angular and Vue.js.