What is offshore?

With Offshore a company moves the development of their SaaS, internet/intranet, project management, … to a low-wage country to reduce costs. More and more companies opt for offshoring because they no longer find suitable candidates in their own country.

You often hear the stories of the big companies that have set up giant offshore departments in India, Pakistan or Indonesia. And you also want to explore this route because it can give you a huge cost advantage, however, you just do not know where to start. You probably know several people who have warned you about such an offshore adventure.

We do not blame them or you for being cautious. We used to think the same! But we still dared to take the step. And with trial and error, we have built up the experience and have built a strong offshore network. And today, we can rightly say that we can help you achieve a quality project at a competitive price.

The difficulty with offshore is the geographical and cultural distance. A difficulty that we solve immediately by assisting you in the communication between you and the team. We help to make the digital transformation possible for everyone. You can also automate your processes in a budget-friendly way.

Take success stories such as Whatsapp, who developed the most used messaging app in the world through offshoring. A literal quote from the Whatsapp team: “they are the best developers in the world.”