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We know what a startup is like. You have an idea, a plan, a dream that you want to realize. Sometimes you have the technical knowledge but sometimes, you do not. One thing is certain, you will constantly want to adjust your product according to the feedback you receive from your market. You may even change your target market in the course of your trajectory.

We function as a sounding board and cover the entire span of your project. Determining your target audience, analyze your added values, challenge your business-model, define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or building a prototype are just a handful of task where we can partner up. We also support you in finding the right resources, at the best prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to have a meeting without any further obligations.

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How we will make your

startup succesfull

Back to basics

Everything starts with the first contact. We plan a meeting to discuss your project or idea and we get to know your story. By asking the right questions, we challenge you to think differently and make you see things from another perspective. This way, together we sketch an image of your needs and dreams and we start creating a plan. It’s important to start from your ideal scenario and distill the core. In this phase, we’ll also check if you are eligible for grants provided by the local city or province, or the European Union.

The target audience

In this phase, we’ll take a closer look at your target audience. Do you know who they are? Where they are? And how we can reach them? Are you certain about the answers to these questions or are you making assumptions? Chances are it’s the latter, which is totally normal.

In this phase, we will come up with an answer to all these questions. We’ll test and check as many assumptions as possible. Do you already know people out from your target audience? Do you have contact details? Do we have to hit the streets to find out? Can we use surveys? How do we propose your idea to the target audience? By testing it in practice, we become more certain about our own ideas and expectations. Or maybe we need to go back to square one and re-evaluate our plan

A first prototype

Based on everything we have learned in the previous phases, we are now ready to get the core out of your ideas. From the ideal scenario that you have in mind, we focus on the part that holds the most added value for your end user.

Now we are ready to build a prototype. We’ll use this to start testing your product as soon as possible. It’s important to know what we want to test. In some cases, you can do this with your own team but it’s best to involve your future customers as soon as possible. We create an objective environment to gather the best possible feedback.

Thanks to this prototype, you’ll learn in a very cost-effective way if your product does indeed answer to the pain-points of your target market. Sometimes, it happens that we have to take a step back after this round of feedback and adjust our plans. That’s why we started with the prototype in the first place.

To market

We’re now ready to build the first real version. Our Alpha version or Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This product will go live and we’ll start attracting customers.

We want to know if our MVP can be a success. We’ll set measuring points so we can track our progress. Is our userbase growing? Does the amount of registrations grow? Are the customers willing to pay? How much are they willing to pay? We’ll make sure to get all the measuring tools in place and start with a low-cost marketing campaign combined with landing pages to better understand our future customers.


As soon as we are able to show that customers are willing to pay for the product, we know there is a potential. It’s important to cherish these users and we need to understand why they are using our product. Based on this info, we build further upon the MVP. You could call this the Beta version. We are now ready to expand our marketing campaigns and propose our product to investors.

To the future, and beyond!

Provided that the user base keeps growing, the project is now ready to officially go ‘live’. Negotiating with possible investors in this phase can be a good move in order to grow faster.

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“Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to have a meeting without any further obligations.”