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Beginners Blogging Commandments: 10 Rules of Blogging Every Newbie MUST Know!

1. Learn SEO basics


The metadata of your blog tells Google and other search engines exactly what your blog is about. So if your article focuses specifically on “how to grow apples,” don’t type your metadata tag as “I love apples!”, enter metadata specifically about the blog post’s subject matter.

Keyword research

Google’s algorithm calculates which search keywords and combinations of keywords are used the most on your pages. If you’re trying to rank for something that nobody is searching for or something that is too difficult for you to rank for, then you are off to a bad start!

Site structure

A logical structure to your site is highly important for SEO purposes and for user experience. It will also allow Google crawlers to pick up your articles more efficiently which means all your pages are more likely to rank in Google.

2. Build authenticity and credibility

Be yourself

Begin blogging on the right foot by …

Big Data And Its Job Opportunities In IT Sector

Is big data the future of the IT sector? Well, it is one of the most crucial questions that must be weighed by those who wish to build a career in information technology. Regardless of the industry, big data has the potential to transform the way organisations operate. So much so, there is an estimated 12.5% employment growth in the Computer and Information Technology sector by 2024 as compared to the increase of 6.5% predicted for various other jobs.

With several job opportunities available in the IT sector, big data can help you embark on a better career path and earn you a high-paying job. With the advent of big data, the IT sector is set to generate more jobs. Further, several companies take vital decisions with the aid of business-centric data to help pave the way to a more secure future.

Big data demands an extensive amount of skill and understanding, thus …

Personalized healthcare powered by AI will disrupt the Medical world

When we think of AI and automation, we naturally start thinking of easy, repetitive and generally boring jobs that will become totally automated with the help of modern software and robots. Warehouses of large e-commerce stores are becoming automated with machines that pick out the orders, pack them up and get them ready for shipping. Totally autonomous.

Another thought that quickly comes to mind when talking about AI, is the self-driving car that many companies are investing big money into as we speak. I believe that the self-driving vehicles are arriving faster then many people suspect. Tesla has provided every car coming off the line since September 2014 with the ‘autopilot’ hardware and started updating the software to actually make use of that hardware in 2015 with the first meaningful ‘autopilot update’ in October of 2015. Other car manufacturers have been testing autonomous driving systems since the early 2000’s (in …

This year sees the launch of the world’s first Blockchain University

Today universities are not the lofty ivory towers they once were. Temporary employment is a widespread problem at universities in the western world with many academics working on fixed-term or part-time employment contracts. This situation is even more prevalent at many of the best universities where most academics on insecure employment contracts stand little chance of obtaining full-time, long-term employment.  Incumbent stakeholders within the university system benefit from such a model as the threat of unemployment is used to boost productivity whilst at the same time keeping salaries low. Temporary academic employment is however only part of the problem and has been compounded by the expansion of university administrations at the expense of academic staff. Professors are forced to increase their output, often at the expense of quality, and spend less time in direct contact with students. Students, in turn, are expected to pay higher tuition fees if they …

Research Activities In Bioinformatics Speed Up, Innovative Solutions on the Horizon

New tools have been developed and released to empower various applications of bioinformatics and make breakthroughs in finding a cure to fatal diseases and conditions.

The importance of bioinformatics in different applications including genomics, nucleic acids, and proteomics is widely known. Its features such as data management, quantitative & comparative analysis, parallelized data processing, and converting insights into graphs and tables have played a crucial role to find a cure for various fatal diseases and conditions. Research and development activities to find more applications of bioinformatics have gained a traction across the world. New research activities have been shading a light on how bioinformatics tools can be beneficial in the medical sector for various purposes. These activities create huge potential for growth in the bioinformatics industry. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global bioinformatics market is expected to $12.8 billion by 2020. Technological advancements have played a crucial part …

Integrating blockchain with HR technologies

Blockchain has brought a new dawn over the twenty-first century. It has completely changed how we perceived the internet and how businesses were functioning. With the advances in the distributed ledger technologies, nearly every industry is implementing the tools to make the most of the blockchain network.

The ripples of Blockchain hasn’t left the world of Human Resources untouched. The HR technology has had their fair share of the technological and operational shift in the past decade. For instance, the HR operations have shifted from offline processes to cloud services. This has created standardization among different departments and branches of the same body.

Further enhancements of the HR network over a blockchain network will be beneficial in creating a concrete, reliable and information-driven peer to peer network.

The blockchain technology can be defined as an open source, distributed database network where every transaction is stored, maintained, and accessed by the nodes of …

Technology for a more efficient and improved Healthcare World

The way how we practice healthcare will change dramatically with the technology mutations we have every day, a lot of R&D is going on everywhere. Not just in Universities, Research centers, Mega corporates but even in a small lab of an engineering student. Point of Care CT Scanners, MRI, Cath Labs…., more and more Robotics are used in interventional procedures, the use of VAR technology for simulation and training purposes, … the list goes on and on.

Every day, a new approach appears and with time it changes the applications completely and the traditional manner for diagnosis and treatment approaches.

I think one day most of the different services patient will receive will be done virtually, no more doctor visit as it will be done through telemedicine and investigations will be done through accessible mobile units having all needed equipment and modalities whether imaging or lab. Treatment will be done using …

Mobile App Development Challenges

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily life. There was an era when mobile devices were supposed to make or receive calls only. Now with the passage of time it’s as important as food to survive. This change in era has impacted many other factors too.

Pressure Increases with Demand

There are more job opportunities for the developers. The developers are in demand for mobile apps development. The industry is generating more job opportunities and revenue. One of the impacts is the relationship between the user and the mobile devices. The developers are the one’s making this relationship friendlier. The dependence of our daily life tasks on mobile devices has increased the pressure on developers. The challenge to make it user friendly has increased.

Mobile Apps Making life Easier

Mobile devices have replaced so many devices. It’s a compact complete customized world for the user to carry in …

Success Parameters for the Startups

The outcome of the startup is not always the one we predicted or expected it to be. Things can go wrong. Startups are always at risk initially and it takes courage to generate an innovate idea and implement it for the very first time. You must have some assets to invest. No startup gives you assurance of success. It’s always a chance to start with; it can either be a failure or a success. You have to make a mind for both.

Behind every successful startup there is a story. Every startup has its own journey of hurdles. They have their own dos and don’ts. They have a startup secret ingredient which no one reveals.

Success Parameters for the startups:

Success is defined and measured by different parameters in case of startups. It depends how you define your success. It’s about our priorities and core values to be a successful business owner. …

AI Technologies in 2019

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the loudest buzz in today’s technology world. AI has managed to overcome all the expectations about its capability. We are living in an era where we are experiencing the term science fiction. It is no more merely a part of books only. The demand of AI is increasing rapidly. The hype about AI is going to lie down for the next few years. There will be some revolutionary changes in our daily life that AI will bring. The change AI is bringing is consistent and the time is near where we wouldn’t imagine our life without AI dependent products. Let’s have a look what this buzz is about:

1. Biometrics:

Biometric is most common use of AI in our daily lives. It is one of the AI advancement that helps us in making our routine tasks easier. For Instance:

Keeping the accurate record of the attendance …

Reasons Why Startups Fail

Failure is a part of Startups. Failure in startups is a learning process. But still no one plan and mentally prepare for failure. Each startup emerges with the dreams of the business owner and has a sentimental attachment to it. No matter how hard we appreciate the efforts and embrace the failure it’s never expected to happen.

Each startup business owner initiates the process with proper planning and market analysis. The failure is of course never intentional but mistakes or the fate which makes it so. Here are a few reasons why startups couldn’t establish their roots are:

1. Market Problems

The biggest reason for the startup failure is that there is no demand for the product. Maybe the market was not ready for the product or they have other better options/products already available. Creating a product which fits and fulfills market needs makes it successful.Timing to launch and plan a …

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Team for Data Entry Service

Data entry plays a vital role in any business. It acts as a backbone to establish the business. Precise data entry maintenance is one of the fundamental parts of a business. Few Industries which need to keep and maintain the data on daily bases like Healthcare, e-commerce, retail, and banking need accurate, time-saving system for data entry. It is not an easy task to manage such a massive amount of data. It consumes the employee’s energy and time. It requires expertise to manage the data in the desired way. The best choice is to go for the offshore services to do the task.

1. Decreased workload

Data entry is a tiresome job to do and it demands a lot of attention. In a small business, it is easy to handle but when it comes to multinational business it is no easier to handle. As the business expands, the …

Why Your Business Needs Mobile App

If you are thinking that mobile apps are impact-full only for big brands, you’re wrong. More and more startups are introducing their apps to communicate in an efficient way. By launching an app you are making your service’s accessibility within the pocket of the customer. An app makes your business as convenient to access. The utility and the business growth double with the launch of an app.

Better Customer Service

Customer service is no longer about only the one to one in person communication with customer retail officers. Especially in this era of smart phones when about 2.6 billion people have smart phones, no one likes to bother for the in-person meetings. An app can solve the issues within one click. Another advantage is that clients don’t have to face the mood swings or extra arguments with Clients Service representatives. An App makes it to the point reducing the time and …

Digital Marketing Trends to Rule in 2019

The world is getting tech-driven at a rapid pace. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that today mankind in more technology-dependent than ever. Who can imagine life without technology? We are living in a world where we wake up to E-newspaper to digital notifications of meetings and appointments and we end up our day to social media and email checking. We are all surrounded by technology.

As 2019 is approaching, the competition is getting harder. The constant and rapid change in technology demands you to get updated. You may not be a tech person but there is no way out other than adapting to the current environment. Technology has become a vital and important part of every walk of life.

1.Voice SearchAccording to this report ( 40 % of grownups use voice search once per day. According to predictions, 50% of all the searches are going to be voice searches by …

Email Automation. Woodpecker VS SmartReach VS Mailshake

After our previous article got a lot of response (Email Automation. Comparing: Mailshake, Woodpecker, SmartReach and SalesHandy) we now present an update 3 months down the line.In our prior article, we tested Mailshake, Woodpecker, SmartReach & SalesHandy for 2 weeks and decided that Mailshake and SmartReach worked best. I urge you to read this previous article if you want some more detailed information on how we set up the 4 tools and the pricing we selected. Well, we’ve been continuing to use these 3 tools and have some insight to share about the results for each tool.First a quick update on Mailshake, and then I will compare the results of Woodpecker VS SmartReach.

EDIT 11/03/2019I got contacted by the marketing team of about this article.Throughout the article, you’ll find small * signs. Here I’ve made edits after I tried their suggestions.


We found out that Mailshake works best when sending to …

You better read this if your company isn’t ‘digital’ yet.

Some companies are hesitant to take action moving their business more digital. We feel some companies still struggle with a number of questions that withheld them from fully committing. But what does digital actually mean? Depending on the company in question, it can simply mean setting up social accounts to actively seek communication with (potential) customers. Or to fully moving infrastructures to the cloud. I actually found a great article that quickly explains the basics of what ‘going digital’ means, and you can find it here if you want to elaborate more on this.

It’s a combination of ‘Why’ and ‘How’

Need information on a product? What are the opening hours of that business? Looking for reviews before purchasing? Are these questions familiar to you? Not surprising really, if it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist. A lot of consumers follow brands on social media (and mailing lists) to get …

From ideas to action. Learn, Research and Excecute!

So you have an idea. A business idea. You probably have thought of multiple ways to take action and bring this idea to life. But as many will agree, turning that idea into an actual working business is far more difficult than it would seem. There are without a doubt some important questions that you haven’t been able to answer, let alone asked yourself. We have had our fair share of fortunes and struggles when executing on a concept and thought we’d share our views on how to transform an idea into a business or more importantly, the questions you have to ask before taking action.

Learn from other’s mistakes

Why does a startup fail? I came across this great TEDx talk from Bill Gross a while back. I encourage you to watch the video if you find the time, it’s only about 6:40 minutes and he goes over what factors …

Common misconceptions about offshore software development

There are many misconceptions that surround offshore development. The exponential growth of technology in the last years has manifested the need to deliver better IT products, faster. Some decide to go with the ‘internal growth’ route and start(ed) investing in talent to be housed internally while other thought it was best to also move large portions of their development to other companies to do the work for them. The benefits of this, have been described in earlier blog posts. Because of the explosive growth of this sector, some outsourcing projects have ended in failure carrying with it the misconceptions known today.

1) Poor quality of code

Due to the often lower wage costs of the developers, a first common misconception that people have is that the quality of the final product will be lower than in-house made code. Because of the deficiency of developers in Europe, many have wandered offshore looking …

Everyone offshores their software development

et me quickly say that I don’t mean EVERY software company offshores their development. I know that starting off an article and immediately opposing the title isn’t a popular move, but please don’t feel click-baited just yet, there is value here!Not only will I provide you with some examples of popular software programs or companies, in this article you’ll also find some valuable benefits regarding offshoring.
Let me start right off with the latter, and show you just why you and everyone who isn’t offshoring their development, should at least consider and delve deeper into what offshoring can do for you and your company or start-up idea.

1) Lower Cost

Developers are expensive! Out of our own experience, we’ve found that a team of well-qualified developers is a necessity to the success of your software project. But, having them all in-house, especially in Europe and America can increase your monthly expenses drastically. …

Email Automation. Comparing: Mailshake, Woodpecker, SmartReach and SalesHandy

We have a part 2 about this article that you can read HERE.

Instead of a regular email campaign, we wanted to try a new approach and disguise our message in what looked to be a personal email. We research a couple of different tools and decided to take 4 popular ones to the test. We tested these platforms over the course of 2 weeks.The platforms that we decided to test were,,, and


We had heard of Mailshake before, so decided to give that one a try first. After creating a Gmail account, we linked it to the Mailshake with 2 clicks. Next, I went to set up the campaign. Divided into 6 smaller steps, this was very obvious, easy to make and caused no real troubles. A first downside comes in the 2nd step, however, as the recipient limit was set to 5.000 and we …