10 Ways To Earn More Sales With Email Marketing Automation

In the world of marketing, Email marketing automation is a Rising Star. It serves a delicate balance between marketing and getting to know the customers on a personalized level.

Automation in email marketing create campaigns which send emails automatically to the subscriber once the defined trigger is activated. These campaigns reflect on both the personality that acts as a trigger along with available information of the user getting the mail to create a reader-relevant and human email message.

Email Marketing Automation is a new way of generating huge revenue. Let us see the 10 ways which can set the sales of organization soaring.

1)  You Are Welcome – Welcome emails are the first impression of the brand, make it pleasing ones. When someone signs up for your email list delight them with a small introduction and a peek into what all could be offered to them. Take small steps from making them a visitor to a happy customer. An automated email campaign can be set sending a pleasing welcome mail to the visitor when they sign up to the site.

2)  Know Your Customer – If a site visitor signs up or subscribe to the brand. They have shown interest but may not be willing to buy the product right away. They may be gathering information or doing their research about the brand. By email marketing automation a perfect framework could be designed to approach the customer at the right time with an introductory mail about the brand and what they can expect from the site. Make the emails informative.

3) Hurry! Your Subscription Is Running Out – Losing existing customers are a bad deal for any organization. Retaining customer are as important as gaining one. Sending reminders of subscription or account which is about to expire is another chance of showing They Are Cared For.

4)  Let’s Make Your Birthdays Happier – Birthdays and Anniversaries of the customers are the special days for the brands too. They are like a business breather, these type of automated emails should be used wisely for the best interest of the organization. The brands can woo the customers by giving them offers to make their day extra special and go ahead with that pending purchase.

Let's Make Your Birthday Happier

5) Adding A Magic Touch – How important name for us? They can easily be the protagonist of any story, and email marketing is no different. Increase customer engagement by adding magic touches of personalization like using their name, and can add a dash of trust by adding your first name and that of organizations. Set automation emails accordingly. Do n’t make them bland or devoid of flavor instead try to add excitement and personality in each mail sent.

6) Read Our New Blog Post – Blogs are a breath of fresh air in the company’s marketing headhunters strategy, and if an organization have them right then emails are one of the strongest podia to increase the viewers.

Send an email alert to the subscriber informing them about a new post on the blog and provide them the link which when clicked can get them to read one. This could be done by setting up any new post on the blog as a trigger to send automated emails to viewers about informing so.

7) Hello There! We Would Love To Meet You – Businesses invest a huge amount in organizing events and shows, so It is important to get the people to attend them. The chances of people to attend the event who are informed by sending them reminder mail in the lead-up and encouraging them to attend the event are much higher. Follow-Up emails could also be sent after the event.

8) We Missed You –  Targeting dormant customers who have not initiated any purchase from quite some time is highly important. Sending them automated emails about the new collections or informing about upcoming sale or discounts available can be a win back strategy.

We miss you

9) Tracking Results – After all the hard work is done results are what organizations look for to know what are they have been able to achieve. Tracking the email campaigning results are the motivation boost required for organizations. keeping a tab on the conversion rate over some time will help in knowing the email strategy and pace way for continuous improvement.

10) Gather Product Feedback – Feedbacks are like reflections of the company’s strategy and achievement. It brings forward customers expectation from the brand. Setting up an automated email campaign asking feedback from the customer is one of the best ways to know your customer directly.

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