Technology for a more efficient and improved Healthcare World

The way how we practice healthcare will change dramatically with the technology mutations we have every day, a lot of R&D is going on everywhere. Not just in Universities, Research centers, Mega corporates but even in a small lab of an engineering student. Point of Care CT Scanners, MRI, Cath Labs…., more and more Robotics are used in interventional procedures, the use of VAR technology for simulation and training purposes, … the list goes on and on.

Every day, a new approach appears and with time it changes the applications completely and the traditional manner for diagnosis and treatment approaches.

I think one day most of the different services patient will receive will be done virtually, no more doctor visit as it will be done through telemedicine and investigations will be done through accessible mobile units having all needed equipment and modalities whether imaging or lab. Treatment will be done using modern technologies and the manual intervention of clinicians will be minimal, it will all depend on advanced systems.

Technology will bring more accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness to the healthcare world.

The main barrier is the cost, how fast developments will support the introduction of advanced innovative systems, this remains a big question. As well as how affordable it will be especially in poor countries.
However, the fact is that there will be a revolution in the next decades at a speed most of us never think about it, we should all as healthcare practitioners and leaders be ready for it. Adapt quickly to change, make it positive for the sake of our communities.

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