Mobile App Development Challenges

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily life. There was an era when mobile devices were supposed to make or receive calls only. Now with the passage of time it’s as important as food to survive. This change in era has impacted many other factors too.

Pressure Increases with Demand

There are more job opportunities for the developers. The developers are in demand for mobile apps development. The industry is generating more job opportunities and revenue. One of the impacts is the relationship between the user and the mobile devices. The developers are the one’s making this relationship friendlier. The dependence of our daily life tasks on mobile devices has increased the pressure on developers. The challenge to make it user friendly has increased.

Mobile Apps Making life Easier

Mobile devices have replaced so many devices. It’s a compact complete customized world for the user to carry in his pocket. Top on cherry is the customized setup of smart phones. At the same time it serves as your alarm clock, calendar and meeting schedules, notes, reminders, emails, games, surfing internet, social accounts, chatting and what not. Which is why there are thousands of mobile apps are emerging. You can search for almost every task to get an app. For Instance: Your daily footsteps and calories burned.

What it Takes to Develop a Mobile App

On the user’s point of view it might sound easy but it takes a lot more than the user may think. While the client explains the requirements and how they want the mobile app to work for them, there are many challenges goes through in the developers mind. It takes proper idea and the implementation along with the challenges and the plan B for the development. The challenges associated with the development are not easy ones to handle.
Let’s have a look at the challenges:

1. Compatibility:

Compatibility is the first challenge to overcome. All the efforts would go in vain in your developed app is not running on the desired platform, which is the one platform specifically for which it is designed to function. Smartphone world is a battle nowadays, where every competitor is trying to compete and win. The Digital market changes in the blink of an eye. You need to get updated with the technology as soon as possible.
To make an app a successful product, it’s very important to make it compatible with more possible platforms, iOS, android, windows. The more platforms compatibility an app shows, the more acceptability the users will show. This should be considered as key point while developing an app. At the earlier stage of development, selecting the right development tools will make the task easier to make it more compatible with different IT architect.

2. User Friendly

While developing an app, two things must be kept in mind.1. The ultimate business Goal to achieve from the app2. User friendliness
Unless your app is not user friendly, it is not going to generate the results. You must add features in the app which makes it easier for the user. The app should have these features to make the user relax.

  1. It can work on low battery condition and should not be dragging all the battery consumption.
  2. It can work on limited Bandwidth Access.
  3. It shouldn’t occupy massive memory space. It should be as light as possible.
  4. While using the app, it shouldn’t disturb other back end functionalities/apps.
  5. Developing an app with the user’s perspective will make it a huge success.

3. Testing Challenges

The testing challenge of an app depends on the type of app you are developing.

  • Native App: It is developed to run on a specific platform or device.
  • Web App: These are Mobile Optimized web pages that look like an app.
  • Hybrid Apps: It is the combination of both apps.

The testing of each of the above mentioned app is completely different from the rest. This should be the prior point of concern while considering the challenges of developing an app. These apps are challenged and tested on different parameters but each of this is based on how the app is communicating with the user.
For Instance: How the touch screen is responding. The delay time the app is showing after the touch. It is tested for the security issues, performance level, and speed of the app, User command following and understanding. The reviews on the app are also very important to make it a successful product.

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