AI Technologies in 2019

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the loudest buzz in today’s technology world. AI has managed to overcome all the expectations about its capability. We are living in an era where we are experiencing the term science fiction. It is no more merely a part of books only. The demand of AI is increasing rapidly. The hype about AI is going to lie down for the next few years. There will be some revolutionary changes in our daily life that AI will bring. The change AI is bringing is consistent and the time is near where we wouldn’t imagine our life without AI dependent products. Let’s have a look what this buzz is about:

1. Biometrics:

Biometric is most common use of AI in our daily lives. It is one of the AI advancement that helps us in making our routine tasks easier. For Instance:

  • Keeping the accurate record of the attendance and the in/out timing of the Employees.
  • Finger print, face, palm print and retina recognition.
  • The automated door locking.

In all these life tasks AI is performing its function with respect to human body or physical recognition. With more advanced AI it is predicted in future that Artificial Intelligence will be able to do image and touch also.

2. Emotion Recognition

The term sounds quite new and not frequently used in daily life. AI is ready to surprise us with its potential. AI is going to next level by recognizing emotions too. Different human emotions like anger, fear, sad, happy are recognized either by sound or image processing. The micro expressions processing is indeed a challenging task for machine to understand. But the vocal sounds and the body language helps AI to understand the feeling of the human. Here is a detailed illustration of AI based human emotion recognition. This explains how the processing of the image is done to detect the emotion.

3. Decision Making

Decisions are based on logic understanding. However due to AI the much intelligent systems have been introduced. Especially decision making for businesses where you have to analyze the customer demand and have to reshape the business values and decisions accordingly, AI is the best option to be utilized here. It’s intelligent, precise, and quick and reliable for decision making. One of the major examples is Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The AI decision making for business is currently based on the data we provide and the logic based on the analysis. As AI continued to surprise us and delivered us more than the mankind dreamed of, we can hope that AI will be intelligent enough to make decision of its own in coming future.

4. AI in Health Care

Where AI is contributing its efforts in all aspects of life, Healthcare is much needed to be taken care of. Merging AI with Healthcare can help save many lives. AI systems will be introduced to keep and process the electronic data in faster way. One of the major uses of AI in healthcare is detecting anomalies in radiology images. Many repetitive tasks such as CT scan, X-ray can be done faster with AI. AI can also help by digital consultation for common diseases.

For Instance: Babylon in the UK is using AI for the digital consultation based on the history patient is providing and the basic knowledge that has been feed in the app.

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