Digital Marketing Trends to Rule in 2019

The world is getting tech-driven at a rapid pace. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that today mankind in more technology-dependent than ever. Who can imagine life without technology? We are living in a world where we wake up to E-newspaper to digital notifications of meetings and appointments and we end up our day to social media and email checking. We are all surrounded by technology.

As 2019 is approaching, the competition is getting harder. The constant and rapid change in technology demands you to get updated. You may not be a tech person but there is no way out other than adapting to the current environment. Technology has become a vital and important part of every walk of life.

1.Voice SearchAccording to this report ( 40 % of grownups use voice search once per day. According to predictions, 50% of all the searches are going to be voice searches by 2020. Clearly, voice search is on the rise and is going to dominate the text-based searches in near future. The capacity for recognizing human speech by Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa is incredible.

2.Artificial IntelligenceConsidering the rapid growth in AI, the service providers believe in investing in AI is totally worth it. AI will continue to bring revolution by replacing manpower with programmatic bots. The widest use of AI is chat bots. We are already using AI in daily life via chat bots which are smart enough to analyze consumer behavior. Providing Two Way communication 24/7, Chat bots are expected to take over the customer interaction by 2020.

3.Virtual RealityThe customer satisfaction and the sales rate increase if customers can have a “hands on” experience of the selling product or service. But in some cases, it’s not possible to show the end product. VR steps in here. The marketing strategies will be changed in 2019 and will be transformed based on VR. The advertisers can utilize the VR capabilities to achieve targeted sales.

4.Micro-MomentsGoogle introduced Micro moments in 2015. One of the hottest marketing trends in 2017 was to map customer’s micro-moments. Micro-moments are those moments when the customer expects quick and reliable response regardless of location and time. These moments are important in terms of decision making and reshaping your choices and preferences. In this era of technology battle, the user is no less than a toddler who wants everything right away. I want to know, I want to do, I want to go and I want to buy are the moments which Google call “Micro-Moments”. Micro-moments are seeking exact information from a device which is usually Smartphone and expecting it to deliver accurately. For Instance: Waiting in a queue and searching over the phone for the nearby restaurant. These few seconds are micro-moments.

5.Personalized Content MarketingThe old approach of creating a product/content and marketing it to consumers no longer works. The priority of customization and personalized preferences is the initial step to follow even before the creation of the content. It means personalizing the content according to the buyer’s journey. The four pillars for the customized marketing are:

  • Who are you communicating with, which means the targeted audience
  • What type of content your audience is interested. Video, text, images, infographics, adds, popup notifications, emails)
  • Where are they located, their geographic needs will impact their interest in the content.
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